delicious icing cake
delicious icing cake

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Irresistible chocolate browniesIrresistible chocolate brownies
Mouthwatering Moist Fluffy dry cakesMouthwatering Moist Fluffy dry cakes
Irresistible pastryIrresistible pastry
Satisfying flavorful puddingsSatisfying flavorful puddings

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Our fast delivery promise ensures that your favorite treats arrive at your doorstep while they're still at the peak of their flavor and freshness. Same day delivery for all our products and delivery within 48 hours for customized products.


Quality You Can Trust

At Simi's Cakes, we take immense pride in delivering bakery creations of unparalleled quality. Our commitment to excellence begins with our careful selection of the finest, freshest ingredients that serve as the foundation for every treat we craft.

Customer Reviews
  • Simi's Cakes never disappoints! Their cakes are not only delicious but also beautifully decorated. Perfect for any special occasion.

  • Simi's Cakes offers a wide variety of desserts to satisfy all your cravings. From cupcakes to pastries, they have it all!